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2022 Oz Club contests now open

2022 Writing & Art Contest Submission Rules

November 1, 2021

Oz Contests 2018

Oz writers and artists, you are invited to submit your original work for the 2022 International Wizard of Oz Club Annual Contests. Our contests are offered both to encourage new writers and artists, and to explore a large range of Oz expression. Whether you write original Oz fiction, research and write about non-fiction Oz topics, or create your own original Oz art, please submit your work for consideration by our judges. Contest winners will be announced during The Wizard of Oz Club National Convention in East Aurora, NY on August 6, 2022.

There is no entry fee. The three categories that will be judged are:

  •   Fiction
  •   Non-Fiction
  •   Art

All work must be related to the world of Oz.

For more information, see submission details. 

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Written by Jane Albright
Currently president of the International Wizard of Oz Club, Jane is a life-long Oz fan. She's attended Oz events around the country regularly since 1974 and amassed an Oz collection that ranges from antiquarian books, original artwork, and ephemera to children's playthings, posters, and housewares. In addition to speaking frequently about Oz, Jane has loaned Oz material to numerous public exhibitions.

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