David Moyer

David Moyer

David is an active member of the Club who has twice served on the Board of Directors. He began serving as editor of the “Oz in the News” column for The Baum Bugle in 1996, contributes regularly to “Oz and Ends,” and has written memorials, reviews, and other articles for the Club’s journal. David has been featured in dramatic performances and has delivered topical presentations at all three of the Club’s major conventions. He also represents the Club at numerous events throughout the Northeast, and has spoken about his particular areas of Oz interest across the country.

Besides teaching Egyptology at New York University, David writes a column for KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt. His day job as an Egyptologist uniquely qualifies him to research and lecture on L. Frank Baum’s trip to Egypt in 1906 and how the trip influenced Baum’s stories, a topic he has written about for the Bugle and other publications.

His popular talk on the Baums’ grand tour of Egypt, “Up the Nile in Style: Travel in Egypt in the Early 20th Century,” has been delivered at all three of the major IWOC conventions as well as at the centennial gathering in 2000. In 2006, David developed a new presentation, “Through Sicily, Italy and Paris with L. Frank and Maud,” in which he followed their footsteps through Europe. In both talks, David showed the Baums’ own photographs alongside modern images as he illustrated how Baum later revisited those adventures in his published novels.

A member of the Oz Club for more than 25 years, David has co-chaired the Munchkin Convention and received the 2000 Munchkin Award for his many years of fine service to the success of that event.

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