James E. Haff

James E. Haff

James E. Haff’s concern for the International Wizard of Oz Club had many facets: he was a drafter of the Club’s bylaws, one of the critical editors of Bibliographia Oziana, the editor of The Baum Bugle, and the Club’s vice-president.

Jim also acted as the Club’s “conscience.” Almost from its beginning, he showed how much he cared about the Club in his various offices, always pressing for what he felt was in the members’ general good. Jim was also affectionately known as “The Quizzard of Oz” for his lighthearted but demanding Ozian brain-twisters.

In his professional life, Jim was a cartographer for the U.S. Air Force. With that expertise, he conceived and produced the Club’s Oz maps. They have gone through several revisions, but they have remained in print continually since their first publication by the Club.

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