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Patricia Eliot Tobias

Patricia Eliot Tobias

Patricia Tobias, better known to most of her friends as Patty, started going to Oz conventions with her father in 1965, when she was a child. Her contributions to the Club include designing The Baum Bugle (from 1977 to 1982), chairing the Oz Club’s 30th-anniversary Munchkin and Ozmopolitan conventions, and preparing a presentation and serving as musical director for the Woggle-Bug musical at the 1987 Winkie Convention. She has worked behind the scenes at many conventions and has donated, among other items, a first edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the Oz Club’s fundraising auctions.

Patty has served on the Board of Directors. She has also shared her considerable musical talents by volunteering as musical director for shows at conventions and playing many long after-hours “gigs” as the heart of the very popular sing-alongs that so many have enjoyed. Patty also acted in Chris Sterling’s Oz productions at several conventions. She has written for The Baum Bugle, perhaps most memorably in her summary of data she collected from many members, and in her fond essay “Growing Up in Oz.”


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