Paul Bienvenue

Paul Bienvenue

Paul Bienvenue, a longtime Winkie Convention attendee, served all Oz Club conventions as auctioneer for many years. He collaborated with Robert E. Schmidt on a definitive Oz/Baum bibliographic opus, The Book Collector’s Guide to L. Frank Baum and Oz (March Hare Books, 2009). It is a comprehensive reference guide to the works of Baum and his six “official” successors, plus other important related volumes (more than 150 in all), and includes informative essays by Paul on the works of Baum and later authors. The book was awarded first prize in the reference category by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Paul has mounted local exhibitions of Oz material from his own collection and served as a consultant with Robert Baum on the Bradford Exchange set of reprints of the first editions of Baum’s 14 Oz books and Little Wizard Stories of Oz; each volume contains a note signed by either Paul or Robert Baum describing the book.

As a rare book dealer, Paul has been an invaluable resource to book collectors, finding scarce volumes for many fine collections. Past Oz Club secretary Fred Meyer chose Paul as the second recipient of his personal “Wizard Award,” presented in 2005.

  1. Dear Paul,

    I first read the Wonderful Land of Oz when I was nine or ten years old, which would have been about 1970. I found in it in our children’s library in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with all the art work. I recently bought it at a used book store, also in Santa Fe. I had been looking for it for my grandchildren, Julian, Vivienne and Adam, so they might also enjoy the wonders I encountered some fifty years ago. Julian is coming from Sacramento on Friday (March 26, 2021) and I think he is of age to read it himself. (He is eight, but already a strong reader.) My own story related to the book: I enjoyed it so much. I didn’t have money to purchase it, being so young, but I wanted to have it for my own. At age 13, I took my required school typing class, and once completed, checked the book out of the library and began typing it for my own. I probably made it through thirty or forty pages.

    I have since found it in paper back. Actually I have bought all the paper back editions of the Oz stories, but they are not the same without the larger print and the wonderful full page color art. Thank you for keeping it going and I enjoyed your letter, in envelope, to the reader.

    Matthew Baca


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