Robert Baum

Robert Baum

Robert A. Baum is a great-grandson of L. Frank Baum who has maintained and built upon the author’s own private collection. Bob contributed information and material for the L. Frank Baum display at the Frances Goldwyn Library in Hollywood in 1990; assisted the producers of the BBC’s In Search of Oz, Radio City Entertainment’s version of The Wizard of Oz, and other theatrical productions. His support of the television movie The Dreamer of Oz included loaning L. Frank Baum’s own copies of books and other materials for use in sets and as props. Bob wrote extensive forewords to the Baum Oz titles for publication by the Ann Arbor Media Group.

As a teacher, Bob used The Wizard of Oz as a teaching tool, and Baum’s life as a model of perseverance and courage. Since retiring from formal education, Bob and his wife, Clare, have made appearances all over the country dressed in character as Frank and Maud Baum.

Bob has served on the Board of Directors of the International Wizard of Oz Club. He contributes regularly to The Baum Bugle and has made family photos, bibliographical information, and other material available to the Club for publication.

  1. Hi, Bob and Clare!
    Betty Ann Bruno here. Am finishing up a book which includes having been a Munchkin and attending the convention in Chesterton. Would love to talk to you if you have a minute. You could call me, or I can call you if you give me a number — whatever is more convenient for you. Hope you are both staying well and safe in this Age of Covid.

    • Hi Betty! I’ll forward your email along to Bob and Clare. If they don’t have your email, send it to me at and I’ll send it along to. Thank you! And I’m looking forward to the book myself! Jane Albright


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