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Contribute to the Oz Club Archives

The International Wizard of Club hopes to fill out its collections in the years ahead. We would like to provide a central source of books, manuscript documents, and original artwork. These collections would help researchers understand the significance of L. Frank Baum, his many works, the Oz series he founded, and the contributions of later authors and illustrators. If your donation would help us meet those goals, we’d love to discuss it with you.

First and early editions of the books not already present in the collection and in reasonably good condition would be welcome additions because they would help future researchers access the rich array of publications stimulated by Baum’s pioneering efforts and continued by his successors.

Selected post-series Oz books and related original fantasy and fiction works will help researchers to understand the impact of Baum and the Oz series.

For the foreseeable future, space and funding limitations require careful evaluation of what can be added to the collections and managed responsibly. Preservation and conservation efforts are costly, and although the Club has already undertaken a number of significant preservation efforts for specific items, the condition of potential additions must be weighed carefully before items are added to the collections.

If you’re considering making a donation to the Club archives and library, either now or through estate planning, please contact us about next steps.

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Contribute to the Oz Club Archives

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