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Help at an Oz Convention

ScrapsbroomPutting on a great Oz convention requires a lot of help from many people. Any successful event needs individuals with a broad range of talents to make it special. Are you a wiz of a Wiz at decorating? A convention just isn’t as Ozzy without a colorful aesthetic created by someone with an expert eye. Do you enjoy other types of arts and crafts? Contributing your handiwork to a display gives attendees something new to enjoy. Or perhaps your brains and heart are more inclined toward the presentation of new and interesting research as part of a convention program, or using your audiovisual skills to help the research talks of others shine.

Helping out at a convention doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. It can be something as simple as helping to stuff registration bags with goodies, manning the registration desk or a Club publication sales table, or emceeing an Ozzy show-and-tell session where fellow attendees can show off their favorite collectibles. Volunteering a little bit of your time is also a great way to jump in and meet a bunch of new Oz friends.

If you’d like to learn more about ways you might be able to lend a hand, please send an email to: Jane Albright.

  1. I am in Dallas when is the next convention I am available to help

  2. Hi, sorry to bother you!
    I am looking for some information regarding a piece of Wizard of Oz media and I was directed towards your organisation.
    A friend of mine has been trying to find the anime version of a film he watched as a child, but to no avail.
    We already have some information on the film/anime. It was a 26-episode 1992 anime called Space Oz no Bōken or スペース オズの冒険 that got rereleased in America as a 79 minute film dubbed in English called The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz.
    My friend adores the rereleased movie and he’s ways wanted to find the original 26-episode anime.
    It would mean the absolute world to him, so I’ve been trying to find as much information as possible.
    I have found an Arabic dub of the original series, but it’s not the same. I’ve also contacted a few other fans of The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz but it truly seems to be lost.
    I understand if you are unable to help, or don’t know any more than we do, but if you could supply us with any further information or signpost me in the right direction, it would be genuinely amazing.

    Kind Regards,
    Sid Merrin

    • Sid,

      You’re not the only one looking for the complete series! I’ve put the word out asking if anyone has a copy, and will let you know if I find out any information.




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