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Follow the Yellow Brick Girl


Tiffany Sutton is @FollowTheYellowBrickGirl — a boundless source of Ozzy enthusiasm. With a closet full of Ruby Slippers and a bookcase full of Oz books, she’s “bounding” her way to magical adventures through inspired Ozzy content creation on Instagram.

Tori Calamito of “The Oz Vlog” interviews Tiffany about her life-long obsession with Oz, her favorite ways to style Oz characters, and her footwear.  Enjoy the interview, and follow Tori and Tiffany on social media.

The Oz Vlog: https://youtube.com/c/VictoriaCalamito

Tiffany’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/followtheyellowbrickgirl

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  1. Very cool! Great interview.


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