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Membership FAQs

I don’t remember my username and password. How can I get these?

If you don’t know your username, you can use the email address you submitted when you purchased your membership. To reset your password, visit the login link, then click the lost password link in the lower right corner of the box. That will take you to a new box where you can submit your email address. This will send you an email with a link you can use to reset your password.

How do I use the new community features on the site?

We’re using BuddyPress to implement community features for the Oz Club. You can think of this as a social media site for Oz. Here you can share activity posts, upload images, share videos and join groups to discuss things pertaining to specific Oz topics. To learn more about how this works we recommend reading through the BuddyPress Member Guide.

I think it might be almost time to renew my membership. Where can I find my past purchases so I can check the date on that?

To view past purchases and other account information, login to the site then visit My Account. This will take you to your account dashboard.

I have a question that I think would be a good addition to this FAQ page. How do I submit that?

Please submit your questions using the form below. We’ll respond to you by email, then add the question to this page if it seems like it would be useful to the community.