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Opportunities to Give

Leaving a legacy…

Our collections and endowment funds exist today thanks to generous International Wizard treasuryof Oz Club (IWOC) members and their families. This legacy will continue to grow in the future as others interested in supporting the Oz Club plan cash gifts, bequests, and selected gifts in kind as part of their charitable giving and estate planning.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the IWOC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Several members of the Oz Club’s Board of Directors are experienced in assisting with information about setting up bequests as part of estate planning; we are happy to help those interested in pursuing such support of the Club and our collections. Knowledgeable members can also advise about the appropriateness of proposed gifts in kind.

Highlights of recent gifts may suggest how you can help build a permanent legacy for future Club members and the general public interested in L. Frank Baum and the wonderful world of Oz. Historic and more recent original art pieces by W. W. Denslow, John R. Neill, Frank Kramer, Dirk Gringhuis, Rob Roy MacVeigh, Dick Martin, and others have become part of the Club’s collections. First and early editions of many of the Oz books and other books by the Oz authors and illustrators have been donated to help create an Oz collection of record.

Another way gifts-in-kind benefit the Club is through donations of books and other items to our annual fundraising auctions.

In addition to welcoming cash gifts and bequests for general purposes, the Club presently manages two endowment funds:

•The James and Dorothy Nitch Endowment to support the Frederick E. Otto Prize for Original Oz Fiction.

•The Rob Roy MacVeigh Memorial Fund to support gallery functions of the Oz Club’s office.

Cash donations to either of these endowments or to the Club’s general funds can be made online here: Donate

For additional help planning such gifts and bequests, please contact us.

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