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Autumn 1985


Baum Bugle Volume 29, Number 2, Autumn 1985

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Cover features Andy Warhol portrait of Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch and British Oz playing cards from 1940

Issue includes: Margaret Hamilton tribute and appreciation/Pt. I of “My Father was the Wizard of Oz” by Harry Neal Baum/review of Disney’s Return to Oz/Interview with Del Rey Oz illustrator Michael Herring/Oz Under Scrutiny: contemporary reviews of Baum’s last six Oz books/Review of PBS-TV’s “The Whimsical World of Oz”/ Bibliographia Baumiana Our Landlady/A little-known story by L. Frank Baum: “Our Landlady-Her Experiences in Attempting to Photograph a Baby, and the Severe Mental Strain that Ensued”/The Oz Bookshelf/Ozmopolitan Convention report/Oz in the News


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