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Forty-Seven Days to Oz


Rare 1985 booklet that had originally accompanied the Barry Moser limited ed. version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz describing how he created his iconic figures.

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Written and illustrated by Barry Moser.

In 1985, a special limited edition of The Wonderful World of Oz was created by famed woodblock artist Barry Moser. Moser created 62 woodcut designs for his unique vision, hand-printed in five colors and published by The Pennyroyal Press in a limited edition of 350 copies. Later, in cooperation with Pennyroyal, the University of California Press published a trade edition. This booklet was also published by Pennyroyal Press in 1985, and was produced to sell with the limited edition. For those who only have the trade edition, it is a nice edition as it describes in Moser’s words how he created his iconic figures, some of which are modeled on real people as diverse as Judy Garland and Nancy Reagan.

The booklet is 28 pages.


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