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Oziana 2008 (aka Oziana #38)


Oziana #38 (2008) features stories and art by Gina Wickwar, Anna-Maria Cool, Alejandro Garcia, Jared Davis, Dennis Anfuso, David Tai, Kim McFarland, and Marcus Mebes. Founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson.
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Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Oziana #38 (aka “Oziana 2008”) presents tales by top-notch talent, from established Royal Historians Gina Wickwar, Jeff Rester, and Marcus Mebes, to newcomers David Tai and Jared Davis, with exceptional illustrations by Dennis Anfuso, Anna-Maria Cool, Alex Garcia, and Kim McFarland!

  • Executive Decisions: One of Oziana magazine’s most crucial stories in Oz continuity shows what really happened to the Wicked Witch Mombi during and after the events of The Lost King of Oz!
  • Bud and the Red Jinn: An invitation to Queen Zixi’s birthday party sounds like a fabulous affair, except for the one person who doesn’t realize that a mirror is the very worst gift is to bring her!
  • Polychrome Visits the Sea Fairies: What starts out as a whimsical journey under the sea turns stormy when the Devil Fish Prince’s successor arrives!
  • Thy Fearful Symmetry: How did the Hungry Tiger become hungry? What is the significance of his purple stripes? A wild tale set during after “Executive Decisions,” with a flashback to 1892!
  • The Bashful Baker’s Honeymoon: A sequel to The Bashful Baker of Oz (which originally appeared in Oziana 2003), in which a cruise with Captain Salt aboard the Crescent Moon becomes anything but the usual honeymoon!

A 15% discount applies to members! Use Coupon Code: LKAB317CD.


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