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Oziana 2009/2010


The 2009/2010 issue of Oziana, the creative magazine of the International Wizard of Oz Club, presents
a “Flip-Book” type issue, with each issue on its own side.
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Oziana 2009/2010 is a “flip issue” with parodies and alternate views on one side and canonical stories of the challenges of governing Oz on the other!

  • Toto Reveals, by Brianna Landon; illustrated by Ben Wood: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as told through the eyes of Toto!
  • Barry Porter and the Sorceress of Oz, by Eleanor Kennedy; illustrated by Sheena Hisiro: Parody of Oz and the Harry Potter series!
  • The Ransom of Button-Bright, by J.L. Bell; illustrated by S.P. Maldonado: This time Button-Bright isn’t just lost, he’s kidnapped! That can’t be good… for the kidnappers. A tale in comic form.
  • The Trouble With the Magic Belt, by Stephen Teller; illustrated by John Mundt, Esq.: The Magic Belt certainly improves life in Oz, but does it hobble stories about it? One dedicated fan decides to find out.
  • Celebrating Ozma: The Silver Jubilee Issue, by Andrew and Rachel Heller; illustrated by Tim Art-McLaughlin: For philatelists everwhere, this look back at some of the royal post system’s most popular stamps doubles as a useful explanation of how mail gets through in Oz.
  • Fiddle’s Revenge, by Arianna Brown; illustrated by Dennis Anfuso: In a tale set during the time the Scarecrow ruled the Emerald City, the Winged Monkey’s Magic Cap has fallen into the hands–or pincers–of a giant spider! It’s up to the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman to show what it truly means to be ruler.
  • Invisible Fence, by J.L. Bell; illustrated by David Lee Ingersoll: The Emerald City’s war against unauthorized magic takes the Wizard, Tin Soldier, Snif the Iffin, and Dorothy to a dark Gillikin forest, where they find a most innocent-looking outlaw.

A 15% discount applies to members! Use Coupon Code: LKAB317CD.


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