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The 2011 issue of Oziana features stories and art by Sam Milazzo, David Tai, Kimberly McFarland, Justice Fischer, Dennis Anfuso, Kass Stone, Alejandro Garcia, Mycroft Mason, Isabelle Melancon, Jeffrey Rester, and Luciano Vecchio
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Origins and Explanations… maaaaaybe.

Table of Contents

Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought, Alone, by David Tai; illustrated by Kim McFarland: What goes through the mind of someone with no brain, or a brain with no body

Blinkie of Oz, by Justice C.S. Fischer; illustrated by Dennis Anfuso: 13 year-old Justice ponders what might have happened with certain Wicked Witches of Oz, and whether or not justice can be had.

Jenny Everywhere in Oz, by Kass Stone; illustrated by Alejandro Garcia: The Wicked Witch of the East was actually a kindly old lady… at least, she was, in an alternate dimension.

The Solitary Sorceress of Oz, by Mycroft Mason; illustrated by Isabelle Melancon: It takes a young soul to understand an old soul, especially a lonely one.

Cryptic Conversations in a Cornfield, by Jeffrey Rester; illustrated by Luciano Vecchio: So, what was it? The soul of Emperor Change Wang Woe? A magic bean pole? The powder of life? Or, perhaps, something altogether different?

The Glass Lolcat of Oz, by Kim McFarland.

Edited by Marcus Mebes. Cover by Sam Millazo. Back cover by Luciano Vecchio.

A 15% discount applies to members! Use Coupon Code: LKAB317CD.


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