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Oziana 2012


An Oz Book

15 Chapters by L. Frank Baum, Marcus Mebes, S.P. Maldonado, Jared Davis, Kim McFarland, Sam Milazzo, Chris Dulabone, Jeff Rester, Dennis Anfuso, Mycroft Mason, Nathan M. DeHoff, Paul Ritz, Mike Conway & Nicki Haladay, Paul Dana and Atticus Gannaway! An introduction and afterword by Robert Baum. Illustrations by S.P. Maldonado, Dennis Anfuso and Kim McFarland

An expansion of a fragment by L. Frank Baum, called “An Oz Book.”

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So… has anyone heard of a story fragment, credited to L. Frank Baum, simply titled “An Oz Book”?

Well, it turns out there’s an entire Oz adventure to go with it, and it took a global effort to get the story down on paper. The new Oziana for 2012 is finally available to the general public… Follow the adventures of Ozma, Scraps the Patchwork Girl, Oscar Diggs, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant, Jinnicky the Red Jinn of Ev, Gipper Gupper Gopp, Ahd, Button Bright, and Percy the Rat as they battle a sinister and new evil that has crossed dimensions to wreak havoc in Oz! This story has everything… familiar characters and new… including the fabled Green Dolphin of Oz!

15 chapters by 15 authors!

Edited by Marcus Mebes. Cover by S.P. Maldonado

A 15% discount applies to members! Use Coupon Code: LKAB317CD.



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