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The 2017 issue of Oziana features stories and art based on the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, and their successors. Revisit with favorites like Scraps, Jack Pumpkinhead, Ozma and Dorothy, and obscure characters like Reera and Ervic from Glinda of Oz!



This issue collects some unique tales involving some very popular Ozian celebrities, as well as some very obscure Ozian personages.

Table of Contents

Angry Jack, by Sara Philips; illustrated by Emilee Philips: It looks like Jack Pumpkinhead is having a bad day, and it seems everyone must get in their “two cents worth” about it.

Patchworked Memory, written & illustrated by Grace Willey: A Stream of thought, a memory, an ode to the Patchwork Girl of Oz.

The Road Not Taken, by E.J. Hagadorn; illustrated by Dennis Anfuso: The timing had to be just right in order for events to unfold… but fate is certain, isn’t it? Only time will tell.

Unsociable, by S.A. Samuelson; illustrated by David Bishop: Red Reera the Yookoohoo certainly does not appreciate visitors. Especially not old friends.

Edited by Marcus Mebes. Cover by David Bishop.


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