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Meet the Editor-in-Chief

When she was a little girl, Sarah K. Crotzer liked nothing better than to spend the day reading Oz books in the sun with her dog, Hadley. She was privileged enough to live near a public library with over thirty of the Famous Forty canon, and thanks to Books of Wonder, she slowly built her own collection at Christmases and birthdays. The TV regularly re-ran Return to Oz and the 1982 anime film (you know, the one with Lorne Greene). There were Oz Dixie Cups and Oz sticker books and even Oz Energizer battery commercials. Truly, these were halcyon days.

A lot has changed since then. Childhood is over, and the dog is, sadly, long gone, succeeded (but never replaced) by Hilda, a cuddly kalidah cat. Sarah teaches English at a community college in a society that often seems to no longer value education, intellect, or kindness. Oz, though, is different, and the Baum Bugle retains a unique place in her heart: it was and is a treasure trove of exciting new things to learn about in the world of Oz, which can’t be read about anywhere else.

As the current editor-in-chief, Sarah has a commitment to providing new Bugles with the same intriguing content and wide range of appeal as any classic issue she read back in the 1990s. You can help her do it, too. If you have a great idea for a feature or some other content, or you have a special interest of your own that might cross over with Oz, just email her at BaumBugle@OzClub.org

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