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Find an Oz Event

We host a few events and attend them all! Meet fellow IWOC members at conventions and public events that offer Wizard of Oz programs, performances, and exhibits for fans.

The Oz Club’s 2022 National Convention will be held in East Aurora, New York in August 2022.  Join us at the Roycrofters Arts & Crafts community where W.W. Denslow worked before creating his history-making illustrations for L Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The convention will celebrate the Royal Illustrators of Oz—in particular Denslow and John R. Neill—as well as Arts and Crafts of Oz. We’ve plan a grand banquet at the Roycroft Inn and hands-on classes in book illumination and printmaking on the Roycroft campus. Other likely special events include a dedication of a Denslow stone marker on Roycroft’s Appian Way and a “haunting” ghost tour.

Rooms and activities will be available at the Hampton Inn and the Roycroft Inn. Most of the regular programming will happen at the Hampton, along with a banquet, museum display, and book arts classes at the Roycroft (with about a 10-minute walk between them).

Oz fans can find links to other Oz events on our Facebook Wizard of Oz Calendar of Events page or in the calendar section of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website.

  1. I’d like to know if there are any event s scheduled in 2018 please?

    • A group is meeting outside New Orleans next week; I just posted a blog about their event, Oz on the Bayou. And because our board of directors meets on the West Coast this year, instead of holding our own event, we’ll meet at OzCon International in Pomona, California.
      http://www.ozconinternational.com/ Of course, members tend (and are often on the program) at all kinds of public events, too. Jane Albright

  2. I assume I can get a booth to sell related products, in this case a new W/O BOOK? If so how do I do this? I am already a member.

    • Send an email to our club president Jane Albright: ozisus (at) aol (dot) com.

  3. do you have any events in seattle?

    • Not at this time. The closest this year is in California.


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