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The Oz Club on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

The Daily Ozmapolitan: a one-stop source for topical Oz news and useful links

The Wizard of Oz Wiki: The Oz wkipedia!

The Oz Index: lists all (or most) books related to L. Frank Baum and Oz

The Official Warner Bros. The Wizard of Oz:  updates from the current owner of the 1939 classic film

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: comprehensive Oz information more Oz links

Oz Celebrity Interviews: Oz Historian and nationally syndicated entertainment journalist, Ryan Jay, has conducted and archived the largest collection of Oz celebrity interviews

The Oz Vlog: Oz Historian Tori Calamito’s popular YouTube Wizard of Oz Collection Vlog

The Oz Museum: located in Wamego, Kansas; home to a collection of more than 24,000 Wizard of Oz items and annually presents OzToberFest.

Wizard of Oz Days: Wizard of Oz Days runs Oz festivals open to the public

The Royal Publisher of Oz: authentic Oz books that expand on the stories began by L. Frank Baum and his successors

The Royal Timeline of Oz:  Oz fiction from many sources, listed chronologically, according to where stories fit into Ozian history

Curiozity Corner: new and forthcoming Oz merchandise with some checklists of vintage material, too

The Oz Enthusiast an aptly named blog that presents a show-and-tell look at rare and older Oz material

Destination Hollywood’s Tribute to MGM’s Wizard of Oz: a broad overview of the 1939 classic

The Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans:  links to resources for teaching students about L. Frank Baum and Oz

The Yellow Brick Road Website: find information about Oz destinations all over the United States

Down the Yellow Brick Pod: two Oz fans explore everything from history to imagined backstories

The LA Quadling: a Youtube channel of information for Oz fans — particularly collectors; performances, too

Hit the Bricks: Oz is up-to-date in these retellings of the Oz stories for today’s kids

All Things Oz: Oz museum and host of OzStravaganza! in Chittenango, New York, the birthplace of L. Frank Baum

The Land of Oz: the grounds of the 1970s Land of Oz theme park host public and private events


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