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Oz Timeline

Will Rogers. Oliver Hardy. Maxfield Parrish. Ray Bradbury. Janis Joplin. Nobel Prize winner Yasumari Kawabata. Miss Piggy. Woman’s suffrage. The 1893 World’s Fair. Communicating with outer space. The first Oz video game. Book banning. The alleged Populist connection….

The Oz Timeline: It’s full of surprises.

This Oz chronology begins when L. Frank Baum is just a twinkle in his daddy’s eye and proves that the history of Oz has no end. If you’re wondering when Daisy Duck appeared as Dorothy, what’s become of the Ruby Slippers, or in what year Russian Oz author Alexander Volkov was born, check out our Oz timeline.

If you discover incorrect or incomplete info, please forward corrections our way. Additional content for the timeline and missing information also is welcome. To help us substantiate the accuracy of your contributions, please reference your information source where appropriate.

Please note that all this material is based on the primary research of other writers, and is assembled here simply for convenient reference. It certainly represents the efforts of virtually every researcher and writer who has contributed to the Oz phenomenon.

1842-1899: L. Frank Baum’s Roots, Childhood, and Early Career

1900-1910: The Baum Oz Years

1911-1919: Other Ventures, and Back to Oz

1920-1938: Ruth Plumly Thompson: The Second Royal Historian

1939-1956: The MGM Musical and Later Royal Historians

1957-1969: The International Wizard of Oz Club

1970-1984: The Oz Club Grows

1985-1999: Return to Oz and the 50th Anniversary of the MGM Film

2000-2006: 100th Anniversary of Oz and Baum’s 150th Birthday

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