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The Oz Club Archives

The International Wizard of Oz Club (IWOC) is a member-based organization. But the majority of its members are also collectors, and the apple, as it’s said, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

From significant bequests to simple gifts, generous IWOC members and their families have contributed a modest but meaningful collection of Oz material to the Club. Lovely original artwork, rare books, and historic correspondence are among its treasures. Scrapbooks assembled by L. Frank Baum’s widow serve as a rich source of material for the Club’s publications and research projects.

Loans from the collections are infrequent, although the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts, included a small number of the IWOC’s original John R. Neill pieces in its Wonderful Art of Oz exhibition in 2006. Digital images of material from the collections also have been made available for publication and research purposes.

Efforts to strengthen and expand the Club’s collections are ongoing. Links found below give you more information about the history and goals of the collections, and can help you explore the possibility of donating to the Oz Club from your own collection.

The Nature of the Collection
Online Gallery
Access to the Archives
Contribute to the Oz Club Archives

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