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L. Frank Baum Memorial Award Winners

LFBAwardEach year, the International Wizard of Oz Club presents the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award to a person (or persons) who has made significant contributions to the work and purposes of the Club. Such contributions generally involve regional or national Oz Club convention work, creative or editorial work for Club publications, assistance with the technical work of the Club, or significant scholarship related to Oz and its creators. In the early spring of each year, those who have previously received the award consider the contributions of various people, and, by June, they select the person who will receive the current year’s award.

1961: Dick Martin (1927-1990)
1962: Russell P. MacFall (1903-1983)
1963: Harry Neal Baum (1889-1967)
1964: Justin G. Schiller
1965: David L. Greene (1944-2020) and Douglas G. Greene
1966: Edna D. Baum (1887-1968) and Elizabeth Ligon Baum (1907-1971)
1967: James E. Haff (1923-1981)
1968: Ruth Plumly Thompson (1891-1976)
1969: Ray Powell (1922-1981)
1970: John Fricke
1971: Martin Gardner (1914-2010)
1972: Matilda Jewell Gage (1886-1986)
1973: Peter E. Hanff
1974: C. Warren Hollister (1930-1998)
1975: Bill Eubank (1924-1993)
1976: Daniel P. Mannix (1912-1997)
1977: Barbara S. Koelle (1923-2018)
1978: Fred M. Meyer (1926-2004)
1979: Jerry V. Tobias (1929-2014)
1980: Irene Fisher (1922-2004)
1981: John Van Camp
1982: Aljean Harmetz
1983: Eloise Jarvis McGraw (1915-2000) and Lauren Lynn McGraw
1984: Ozma Baum Mantele (1916-1999) and Dr. Robert A. Baum (1915-1988)
1985: Edward Wagenknecht (1900-2004)
1986: Jay Delkin
1987: Brenda Baum Turner (1903-1996)
1988: Robin Olderman (1944-2017)
1989: Marc Lewis
1990: Jean Brockway
1991: Frederick E. Otto (1925-1994)
1992: Rob Roy MacVeigh (1955-1992)
1993: Patricia Eliot Tobias
1994: Dorothy Curtiss Maryott
1995: Rachel Cosgrove Payes (1922-1998)
1996: Eric Shanower
1997: Jim Vander Noot
1998: Ruth Berman
1999: Michael Gessel
2000: Jane Albright
2001: Willard Carroll and Michael O. Riley
2002: Robert Baum 2003: Peter Glassman
2004: Patrick Maund (1955-2012)
2005: Angelica Carpenter and David Maxine
2006: David Moyer
2007: Nancy Tystad Koupal
2008: Meinhardt Raabe (1915-2010)
2009: Michael Patrick Hearn
2010: Stephen J. Teller
2011: Margaret (Williams) Pellegrini (1923-2013)
2012: Atticus Gannaway
2013: Eric Gjovaag2014: Gregory Maguire
2015: Paul Bienvenue2016: Jay Scarfone and William Stillman
2017: Scott Cummings
2018: Bill Thompson
2019: Bill Beem
2020: Gina Wickwar
2021: Lynn Beltz

  1. I have some Frank Baum books (none of value) but I want to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. My daughter (now deceased) was a huge fan. I want to donate them in her honor. Any suggestions?

    • How lovely, Barb! The three non-profits associated with Oz I can recommend for donating are our Club itself, the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas, and the All Things Oz Museum in Chittenango, NY. Are your books suited for young children to read, or will they be primarily of interest to collectors? I’m happy to talk more with you if you email me directly at Admin@OzClub.org. Jane Albright


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